Saturday, November 03, 2007

McDonald's McRib Farewell Number 3

The fast food atrocity has returned! Sign the petition to have it retired permanently.
I like pickles, onions and barbeque sauce but, NOT with pork! If you've ever visited North Carolina and Texas to eat true barbeque you know:
  1. There is no sweet thick sauce in North Carolina barbeque
  2. There are bones in real ribs

2) There is no pork in Texas barbeque.

How long must the "farewell tour" last? McDonald's dump the McRib once and for all!


Andy Fox said...

your site is a sin

john said...

it's just a sandwich !! if your life is so pathetic you waste time on this, i truely feel sorry for you !!
mcrib rocks !!!!!!

Thomas said...

There is pork in Texas Barbecue. Go to any barbecue restaurant in Houston (except the Halal ones) and you can get pork ribs, and pork sausage.

Timothy Pham said...

yeah there's a lot of pork in texas bbq. the two best bbq joint in my opinion, coopers bbq in llano and salt lick in austin, both have pork bbq.